Precision Loving

Precision Loving


If you care about the well-being and happiness of

another person it may be said that you love that person.  But

you can care very much and love a person with all your heart

and still not really reach that person.  If you can see your

love as something that you give or do to your loved one

it becomes clear that the message must be received as well as


For your love message to be received the way you want it

to be, so that your loved one gets the maximum benefit from

it, choose your target.  Then shoot your love right at it.

First, find out what your loved one cares about, what

excites them and gives them pleasure.  This is done

through observation.  Then praise or encourage them in that

area.  It’s that simple!

When your loved one discovers that you care about their

passion and want to encourage them in it, they will feel

loved by you.  Your love will have hit the target.

There are many ways to deliver love messages.  Gifts,

acts of service, physical touch, time spent and attention

paid-these are just a few.  Another way is through words of


Words are so flexible.  You can custom tailor your words

to fit any situation.  Your love message can be directed

precisely to the target, leaving no doubt in the mind of your

loved one that you care, that you enjoy their enjoyment and

grieve for their sorrow–and understand it,too.

Terms of endearment are all well and good.  But they can

become routine with repetition and lose their punch.  They

can seem generic and irrelevant to someone who is busy

attending to their passion.  There is no message of

understanding delivered.  You may say you love me but I’m not

convinced you even know me, therefore, how can I tell if you

really love me as I am or just love me as you see me?

When you take the trouble to understand how I see

myself, to know what is important to me about me and praise

that, then I know you are really paying attention to me and

not just feeling your own needs.  Bullseye!



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