Your Partner is Already Telling You



Everyone would have a much easier time in their

relationships if they would just go ahead and learn the

lessons that are presented to them by their partners.  Or, if

they would at least recognize that there are some lessons to

be learned, that they don’t already know everything about

getting along in life, then life would go smoother.

The truth is that all of us need work.  No one is fully

developed.  And there is one person in all the world who is

uniquely qualified to teach you what you need to know–your

lover.  This is the person who is closer to you than anyone

else.  This is the person who was drawn to you because they

needed what you have.  And you need what they have.

Your partner is your mirror and you are theirs.  When

you have trouble dealing with certain aspects of this person

you live with, you may be sure it reflects a problem you have

with yourself as well.  And all those things your partner has

been screaming at you for all these years, those are the

lessons you’re supposed to be learning.  It may be hard to

hear through all the yelling but your lover is trying to tell

you how you need to grow to complete yourself.

You may feel like you’re being flogged but you’re also

being invited to change.  If your partner could only rephrase

their request so that it would express their own needs

instead of criticizing your shortcomings it might be easier

for you to hear.  Then you might understand that they’re

asking you to do something that, although hard for you, is

something you need to learn to do in order to be more fully


Maybe your spouse has been demanding that you become

more emotionally available, more financially competent, more

socially active or more sexually responsive.  Whatever

they’re asking for, it’s something that is hard for you.  You

are undeveloped in that area and may have been avoiding it

for years.

When you’re in an intimate relationship with someone

there’s no need to wonder what you need to do to become more

mature and well-rounded.  Your partner is already telling





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