Crazy Little Thing Called Love



Time for hearts and flowers again, all you lovers.

Let’s cruise on down to the card shop to find that perfect

sentiment and don’t forget the heart-shaped box of chocolates

and the bouquet of delicate blossoms.  You wouldn’t want your

Valentine to be disappointed this Wednesday!

Here comes our annual celebration of romance.  As if we

didn’t celebrate it enough every other day!  It’s the drug of

choice for the entire human race.  And here comes your One-

Minute Therapist to explain it all away!

They say it was invented by the medieval troubadours.  I

say they were just the first to elevate romance to a

media event.  Surely they didn’t invent sexual attraction or

the longing for a charming companion who would satisfy all

desires.  That’s got to be innate.  It’s too compelling to be

a social artifact.  I think it’s just the way humans do

foreplay.  Or maybe it’s a kind of religion.

Romance is sort of crazy.  It makes you feel weird.

Weird and wonderful.  It’s the closest most people ever get

to bliss.  It makes other relationships seem mundane by

comparison.  It releases chemicals in your brain that cause

you to feel “high” (and extremely attractive!)  It’s an E-

ticket in the amusement park of life.

People have been known to confuse romance with reality.

They feel ripped-off if their relationships aren’t full of

passionate desire, lingering gazes and protestations of

devotion.  They’ve bought into the myth of romantic love.

To really love you must know the reality of your love

object.  Romance depends on just the opposite–not knowing.

It’s an affair of the heart, not the mind.  Familiarity

brings understanding and illusions fade.  Romance is an

illusion of perfect affinity and acceptance.  It only exists

in fantasy.  That’s why the most intense romance is that

which remains unconsummated.

Romance cannot bear scrutiny.  It thrives in shadows,

fog, and mystery.  It loves novelty, not experience.  That’s

why romance is so delicate and exquisite.  It’s a chimera

that evaporates in the light, leaving only a memory of a

dream once dreamt of an ideal meeting of two lovely beings.

It’s not real in any sense but sensuality.  But, hey, let’s

celebrate it anyway!




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