Dancing Together Enhances Love Life



Want to jumpstart your tired romance?  Why don’t you try ballroom dancing?  When you take your partner in your arms and move to the music you may rediscover some of the chemistry that brought you together in the beginning.

Dancing is one of the few activities a man and a woman can do together that involves coordinated physical motion.  To do it right, you have to cooperate, be sensitive to each other and communicate, especially nonverbally.  You can talk if you want to but you don’t have to.  You’re listening to the music, feeling it, allowing it to guide you.

At the same time, it takes some discipline.  You have to learn the steps and practice them.  Ballroom dancing is a sport.  It can be as athletic as you want it to be.  Or it can be gentle, calm and romantic.  In either case, you have to master the basics to get the full enjoyment.  Once you’ve begun to learn, it becomes practically effortless.  The combination of music, motion and an attractive partner in your arms can transport you to the fringes of ecstasy.  Going on to full ecstacy is up to you!

In the ballroom, the man and the woman both have a role to play.  The man leads; the woman follows.  It’s clear, specific, immutable.  That’s just the way it’s done.  The man decides where to go and how to get there.  He does it in a way that is gentle and sensitive, but firm and decisive.  Elegance is a goal but, in the beginning, rhythm, fluidity and fun are enough.

The woman must read the man’s body, moving with harmony, graceful acquiescence and sympathetic attention.  A women dances better when the man has a strong lead;  strong, but not too strong.  This frees her to express her natural femininity and to flow with the music and the dance, itself.

Ballroom dancing is a metaphor for loving, sensual harmony.  The roles are traditional and a bit old-fashioned.  But both men and women enjoy the traditional roles in dancing.  The music, the motion and the physical closeness don’t hurt either.

Couples need to have things they can do and enjoy together.  The whole business is quite romantic.  If you could use some more of that in your life, give it a try.


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