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Common Family Dysfunctions

WHAT IS FAMILY DYSFUNCTION?   The most universal trait among dysfunctional families is an inability to manage intimacy.  Intimacy may be defined as the sharing of feelings. To function intimately one must first be a self and express it.  Second, … Continue reading

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Preserving Intimacy in Conflict

PRESERVING INTIMACY IN CONFLICT   Naturally you’re going to fight with your mate now and then.  In some lively relationships it’s not unusual to find yourself arguing quite frequently.  This can damage your marriage but it doesn’t have to. The way to preserve … Continue reading

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Stonewalling Doesn’t Work

Avoiding Divorce: Stonewalling Doesn’t Work Many studies have looked at divorce but only a few have asked: Why do marriages fail? University of Washington researchers have studied couples’ interaction and have charted the progress of their marriages over time. They’ve … Continue reading

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